We are excited for you to visit our retail market which offers high quality beef, pork, and chicken items, including a wide selection of marinated steak tips, steaks, burgers, marinated chicken, stuffed chicken breasts, pork chops and Charcuterie. We also offer side dishes, deli items and desserts to complement our in-store meat selection. Come see us and we’ll help you plan your whole meal!

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After working all day and arriving home to face dinner preparation, who hasn’t said to his or her partner, “It’s your turn to cook tonight!”
We know the feeling! That’s why our Gourmet to Go line of ready-made meals is ideal for you. They are made from high quality, fresh ingredients…just heat them up at home. 
Imagine eating lasagna, stuffed shells, curry with rice, or Indian chicken for dinner without doing all of the prep to get it into the baking dish!

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Sourcing local ingredients whenever possible is our mission, and we work hard to cultivate relationships with local farmers who produce products that meet our high standard of quality. We are committed to supporting our local farmers who want to produce quality meats, cheeses, and produce for customers, restaurants and caterers.

Our Local Farms

We hope you’ll enjoy shopping for delicious foods in our store or online–whatever works best for you. Customers can order online, then pick up an hour later, either in our store or by using our convenient drive through at our store location. We hope you’ll enjoy this added benefit that allows us to meet and, even better, exceed your expectations!

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Veno's Tip #2

Did you know that you can temp meat using your hand?
Make a fist between your pointer and thumb. In the fleshy piece of your hand, loose fist means it’s rare; tighter fist means it’s medium; and, tightest fist means it’s well done.

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